Whispering Songs

Whispering Songs

Something hidden deep inside, the center of your stare.
Who’d of thought you’d let it hide, almost out of fear.
You knew back then, the time would come, to listen to this near.
Each and every loved one, you’ve gathered through the years.

You can take the time and ponder, and bask in what’s to come.
Each of you are holding hands, and singing a faint song.
The lullaby that comes right forth, is missing one more thing.
It’s the part that comes and goes, but listen when it sings.

The songs that make us laugh out loud.
The songs that sound like love.
The songs you hum in larger crowds.
Sang soflty like a dove.

To realize hymns and soft rejoice, we sing when we’re asleep.
And hear it from a strangers voice, this message you must keep.
Remain real still and close your eyes, take everything all in.
If it’s not perfect and you hear cries, then lavish thee with sin.

There will come a time, there will come a place.
When these few words, will not replace.
The inner thing you almost sought.
But in the end, you fought and fought.
And it slipped right out the door.  Hope to seek much more.

Been a long time

I know this is a blog I started way back when to help me get some stuff off my mind.  I got into this phase of my life that writing about the weirdness of it all helped me sort out the feeling I was having.  I haven’t written in a good while.  I just like to play now.  Get behind the drum set and just play.  It’s different and yet still as helpful as writing.  I’ve decided to write some more.  I hadn’t checked on this site for quite some time and just realized that folks still come here.  Well, I haven’t disappeared.  I just go from one passion to another.  It’s what keeps me sane.  Imagine doing the same thing day after day?  Hell if you ask me.  It’s getting cold out again.  Nothing but time indoors.  What a better time then to sort out feelings through verse.  Thanks for tuning in.  Let’s get weird with this next phase.

Oh and uncle Tom.  If you still read this.  I’m thinking about you.  Stay tough.

The Ghost Outside

The Ghost Outside.

The ghost outside, stays far away.
For the lack of space, is just that way.
Crystals of rain so bright and free.
Cool off the hot and dried out trees.

Streets are cleared, from dust and smog.
The cool air breeze, starts up a song.
Which is a very catchy tune. 
So you start to dance right in that room.

Misty fog, from misty rain.  With bright blue eyes, and no disdain.  
To secrets heard once long ago, will live a life not just for show.

I can’t reveal the secrets, to ever lasting joy. 
Of once forgotten by a man, who used to be a boy.
A boy with so much knowledge, but nothing left to share.
I hope that someone writes the words, that will start to make him care.

For once a violent civilized overzealous bunch of crooks.
Destroyed the sacred documents, and replaced them with their words. 
I know they all act civilized, up to now it’s only worked.  
Til we all expose them, as masquaraded crooks.  

So what’s the point in waiting, when we have to take control.
Of those that all seem heartless, with a fuckin heartless soul.
So all my words seem lame at last, if you dont decide yourself.
Cause these few words are somber, and can be lost up on the shelf.

Not sure how you can do it, when theirs noone left to blame.
For all around us looks so pure, but it causes me some pain.
So now I may retire, knowing that I touched one soul.
That may of just been heartless, or just wanting to be whole.

A World Worth Living

So I haven’t written in a little while.  I have been enjoying Phish being back on stage and killin it.  Sitting here tonight and feeling a little down.  Figured I’d write something that speaks to how I feel about this fucked up world we currently live in.  Shit is getting real way too much.  Who’s fault is it?  The storyteller makes no choice.  Soon you will not hear his voice.  It’s called A World Worth Living. 

The day’s and lives of strangers, in this world that we are in.
Avoiding all the threats of life that come off as true sin.
What if change is all too near, and rest is on the way?
Just a useless group of words, that has nothing left to say.

I view this world, that we are in, as something that’s been broke.
I find the people, that are in charge, to be a total joke.
I look around and see the mass, that can not make ends meet.
It’s avoided by those that lie, and steal and rant and cheat.

Open your eyes and see the truth, this pain we all must rid.
That young couple over there, breaking laws to feed their kids.
This whole world is all corrupt, feed the rich with worthless laws.
All these useless leaders, can suck my fucking balls.

This world is broke and no one cares.
This world is fucked and we’re all scared.
This world where crime will pay the rent.
This entire world is full of shit.

Stand up now, and take a bow, for you have sat too long.
Probably sitting there with a bowl, and playing with your dong.
Get off your ass and fight, for life we have today.
Make this world worth living, so we can live and stay.

Alone in the Dark

So I lost my power last night for a good 6 hours.  It was very boring but I was OK with it.  Gave me a chance to read a little and play with my dog’s.  I also wrote this little piece thinking about how some folks would be beside themselves trying to find something to do without electricity for such a long time.  Anyway this is called Alone in the Dark.

Alone in the dark, waiting for light.
During the day everything is all right.
The light’s are now out and noone’s around.
The void that’s been coming is making a sound.

The nighttime is lonely when you’ve made some mistakes.
The loss of good fortune is all that it takes.
To want for the light when noone’s around.
The beat of one’s heart is the only true sound.

Remember a story, or enjoyment of past.
Hope that those memories won’t leave you too fast.
The thing that you fear is right in the room.
Too bad you can’t see that which is humming that tune.

Now what you realize it’s you making noise.
Wondering why you can’t play with your toys.
The things that surround you that makes it OK.
Now it’s just you and it won’t go away.

Maybe the lights went out for a reason.
You needed this time to fight through the treason.
Of that which makes you seek out all your friends.
Too bad, you’ll be alone in the end.